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Funds raised $500,000
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How do I place an order?

If you have already been set up with a Youfoodz Wholesale account, follow these steps to place your order: 

  1. Visit
  2. Log in at the top right of the screen. Your username is your email. Your password was chosen when you set up your account via the initial Account Invitation email.
    If you have forgotten your password, there is an option for you to send a ‘reset password’ email.
  3. Click ‘Order’ to view the Youfoodz menu. 
  4. There is no pre-filled order, so go wild and start adding items to your cart!
    Simply type the quantity of a line item you wish to add to your cart and click ‘ADD TO ORDER’. 
  5. You can see how many items are in your cart using the ‘cart counter’ at the bottom right.
  6. Once you’re happy with your order, click ‘Cart’ in bottom right hand corner.
  7. After reviewing your order and ensuring there are no errors, click the ‘Check Out’ button.
  8. Select your delivery day and click ‘Continue to payment method’.
  9. Your payment options will either be an invoiced account if you have had this approved, or credit card using Paypal.
    Select your option and click ‘Complete Order’.
  10. Get excited for your next Youfoodz order!

                    CHARITY BALLS

                    How do we purchase the protein balls?

                    The protein balls will be available to purchase online through your wholesale account on from the 8th of May.

                    What is the shelf life of the product?

                    The protein balls will have a shelf life of 12 months.

                    What is the pricing?

                    The protein balls will be purchased in cartons (20 units per carton) with a value of $59.80 (RRP is $2.99 each). Your usual wholesale discount will be applicable to this purchase.

                    When does buy in start?

                    Buy in starts on the 8th of May; the products will go live on the website on this day.

                    Can we sell the products after the promotion date end?

                    Yes, you can sell the protein balls up to the expiry date provided on the products (12 months shelf life).

                    How do I get point of sale for these products?

                    Point of sale will be included with the cartons when they are shipped to you; you will receive shelf wobblers and posters to display with the products.

                    How can I store these?

                    These protein balls are safe to store on the shelf, alternatively you may store them in the fridge alongside your other Youfoodz products.

                    How does the donation work?

                    $1 per a protein ball will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation & Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia, from Youfoodz on your behalf (donation will come from Youfoodz, not the stockist).

                    How is Youfoodz promoting & advertising this promotion?

                    Youfoodz will be rolling out a national marketing campaign to promote this initiative, including but not limited to TV, social media, PR and billboards.

                    How can we encourage & boost sales?

                    Based on our sales research, the protein products sell best when they are placed on the checkout; in most cases sales increased by 10-15%.


                    Delivery Schedule

                    Youfoodz’ delivery schedule depends on our stockist location. Please find full details here.

                    ISSUES & HELP

                    Urgent Order Issues

                    For all urgent matters, please call Youfoodz Wholesale on (07) 3503 7480.

                    Account Issues

                    For issues regarding your account such as invoice discrepancies or stop supply, please email

                    Order Receivable Issues

                    If there are any issues with the quantities of stock you receive, please email with your order number and what items are missing, within three days of receiving your order.

                    For major issues (e.g. you have not received your order), please email or call Youfoodz Wholesale at or (07) 3503 7480. 

                    Non-urgent Enquiries

                    For all non-urgent matters, please email

                    Delivery Method Error

                    We are currently experiencing a technical issue with our website that is preventing users from checking out.

                    To solve this issue, click ‘Back to customer information’, review your suburb and postcode, and click ‘Continue to delivery method’ again.