We would like to invite you all to take part in our Spring Menu Launch Promotion.

All meals will be reduced to $8.95 for consumers to purchase for a 2 week period. Our last Winter Launch Promotion saw an increase of 80% across the board in sales, so we would like to keep this going along with more scheduled promotions to finish the year off with a high.

We are looking to partner up on this Promo and co-fund the cost, from Friday September 8 the meals will be reduced online by $0.50 for anyone willing to take part in this promotion. We will be investing the other $0.50 into our online marketing channels, POS Material and continue to push the limits with our sponsorship with 'The Block’.

The Buy In dates for this will be Friday September 8 - Wednesday September 20

The sell dates are September 12-24. All of the POS will show ‘Limited time only’ so you can end the sale at your own discretion. 

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